Corporate events

Corporate events improve brand awareness, strengthen relationships between employees and create lasting memories over time. We create business-related events, meetings and conferences to promote the launch of a new product, for the opening of a new business, corporate anniversaries and Luxury Business events.


With a first meeting, Klizia Emiliano's team will gather the main information to achieve the focus and objectives of the event: the latter is really important for attracting customers and retaining them.

Location and Theme

We create the perfect context for your brand by enhancing the corporate identity thanks to captivating contexts which are in line with the chosen focus and objectives. Location and theme are also essential to create the mood of the event thanks to professional planning that exploits all the potential of the company, cultivating relationships between colleagues and often also customers and suppliers.

Graphic draft

After identifying the location and theme, we proceed with a digital graphic draft, which will illustrate the guideline of the corporate event, with the color palette, set-ups, graphics of the chosen paper elements, and any gadgets.


On the day of the Event, the staff of Klizia Emiliano will follow the preparation of every detail at 360°, remaining available to coordinate the collaborators and supervise the proper conduct of the event, from the beginning to its end.

Additional services

It is the details that make every occasion special. This is why we offer customized additional services, adapted to different requests and needs.


We collaborate with different locations for every occasion; if you want to simply be directed towards the choice that suits you, we are available to show you the most appropriate place in which to fix an inspection and view the structure together.


If you need catering for your event, we can give you all the information you are looking for and satisfy your requests, making sure that the result is truly special.


We guarantee an impeccable photographic service, with the possibility of photographic prints, post production for social media or souvenir albums; we collaborate with professional photographers that we suggest for every different occasion.


Several florists in Italy follow our arrangements by collaborating with the staff of Klizia Emiliano from the very first steps of the project; it will be essential to check the color palette based on the chosen theme, but above all to check their seasonal availability to be sure of their arrival on the chosen date well in advance, and the range of colors offered based on the period of the year.

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